Classic live takes of Eric Burdon & War

Classic Music Television presents classic live films of Eric Burdon & War

Below are some incredibly funky, soulful, and rocking classic live films of Eric Burdon & War from the early 1970's. Enjoy! GC

Eric Burdon & War - Spirit (Live In Copenhagen 1971)

Eric Burdon & War - Love is All Around (Live In Copenhagen 1971)

Eric Burdon & War (Full episode of an appearance on Germany's Beat Club television show in 1970)
Song 1. Paint It Black - 0 - 12:42 mark
Song 2. Spill The Wine - 12:42 - 19:35 mark
Song 3. Tobacco Road - 19:40 - 33:53 mark
Song 4. Bear Back Rider - 33:55 - End

Connect direct with Eric Burdon at EricBurdon.Com

Connect direct with War at War.Com

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