Michael Jackson with Janet Jackson: SCREAM

ClassicMusicTelevision.Com presents Michael & Janet Jackson: Scream

Back in August of 2014, a Forbes magazine writer reported this music video featured below to be the most expensive music video in history, costing $10.3 million adjusted to 2013 value, factoring inflation, from the time the video was made in the 1994/1995 with it's then $7 million budget. However, in a 2010 story on National Public Radio, or NPR, director Mark Romack disputes that most expensive video claim for Scream. On NPR he states, "I'd love to state again for the record that Guinness got it wrong and it's not the most expensive video ever made. There are two other videos of the era — both produced at Propaganda Films, incidentally [a hugely successful music video production company that Romanek worked with] — that cost millions more."

Regardless of it's price, it was exciting to see Michael and Janet work together and it was and still is exhilarating for Jackson fans.  This is a true classic.

Turn this up loud. This song was designed for that won the Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video.

Michael Jackson with Janet Jackson: SCREAM

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